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What does it mean when we say something is transformed? It can be as simple as a coat of paint transforming a room or as miraculous as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

This August nine visual artists come together to represent the meaning of Transformations through their artwork. The exhibit will give the visitor a taste of how artists have many diferent approches to a theme. Unique oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings as well as ceramics will be on offer.

Transformations are a continuous part of our lives. We change our looks, our ideas, our feelings from one day to the next. Our world around us changes, our relationships change , nature and what we perceive as truths change daily. We live in a world of transformations, big and small, good and bad. Some transformations are life altering. Most are minute, but nevertheless changes. Nothing in life is static. We adapt to the ebb and flow.

As artists we are exploring the idea of transformation within ourselves, within nature, in the world around us and our response to these changes. Using a variety of materials, colour, techniques and mediums we offer the viewer a unique peek into our wonderful world of transformation.

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Featured Artists:

Emma Aragon,

Micheline Beaulieu,

Françoise Cockburn,

Cailin Hanford,

Anne Harrison,

Brenda Nieves,

Anne Marie Seguin,

Ursula Yanchak.

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