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Brenda Nieves Bio

Brenda Nieves is a sculptor, ceramic artist living and working in her studio in the Junction. Trained at Sheridan College, Craft and Design with a ceramic specialty. With clay and glaze, Nieves hands shape her experiences of power, beauty and the resilience of the natural world and humanity. Sensations of wind, whispers and magical nights invite us to experience her work.

Nieves works in multiple medias primarily in clay but also explores painting and printmaking. 

Brenda Nieves trained as a Fashion designer, designing clothing for many years, then as a Fashion Director for Eaton's.

The desire to make life precious was the impetus that pushed Nieves to explore her longing to create.

How We Grow

Ceramic, Peperclay, and HighFire 14"x16"x8"


20" x 11" x 11.5" Highfire Ceramic, glaze $720. will deliver within 200k of downtown Toronto

bianca sketch.jpg

17.5 x 9.5 x 8" sculpture, high fire ceramic, glaze, plinth wood $850. Delivery within 200k of downtown Toronto

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