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Art Gala Forum was founded in 2005 as a non-for-profit organization by a group of visual artists of Latin origins. Since then AGF has grown in diversity and includes local artists. We are currently eight members.


Our mission is to contribute and enrich our vibrant art community; exhibiting several times a year in Toronto and surrounding areas.


We meet regularly at our studio or galleries to share our skills and ideas about art. We like to express our creativity through paintings, drawings, mixed media and digital works of figurative, still life, landscape and abstracts subjects.


Our main point of reference are the schools of art including impressionism, expressionism and abstraction, allowing us to interpret the use of light, color and contrast in distinctive ways with new materials and innovative techniques.


Check our events listings and explore this site to discover unique artworks that are sure to capture a part of who you are.



AGF Members pay a small fee annually to sustain the use of the studio, workshops and gallery exhibitions. Their contribution and expertise on a volunteer basis is what makes it all happen.

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