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Laura Garcia Bio

Laura García was born in Mexico City, a colorful and busy metropolis in latin America, once described by André Breton as the most surrealistic city in the world. A city full of color, shapes and magic.
This unique environment influenced Laura’s  view of the world and since a very early age she started drawing the world interpreted trough her eyes and mind.

Her passion for color and shapes endured along her early years, and she entered a well known artist’s atelier in order to become an assistant while at the same time acquiring formal art education not only in theory, but most important, in practice.
Laura’s art path took her to choose Graphic Design as a way to complement and influence her artistic proposal. This is why her paintings have a clear , well though out  color integration, while at the same time she manages to transmit strong emotions .
She has been living in Toronto, for more than two years now, and following her path towards acquiring  more knowledge and new techniques to incorporate on her artistic proposal, she ha been taking courses at the OCAD.

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